City Forex Training Videos To Progress From Beginner To Expert

City Forex training videos are designed to take you through trading from beginner to a knowledgeable trader in the quickest time possible.

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These step by step Forex video training modules will amaze you and show you how to make significant money in the currency market.




Watch This Video All The Way Through (8mins) For A Full Explanation Of City Forex Training.


Understanding Forex Jargon.

One of the major frustrations of Forex trading is there is an awful lot of jargon used.

Googling these terms does not seem to help either.

Because the explanations more often than not, uses other jargon to explain the jargon. Go figure!.

Our city Forex training videos are easy and simple to follow and will have you trading successfully in super quick time!

This city forex training article explains five common technical terms used in in the Forex arena in layman’s language.

Quote: Forex trading is always done in pairs. And thus a currency is always quoted relative to another, e.g. USD/JPY, EUR/USD, AUD/GBP. A quote would look like this: USD/JPY = 100.00. The one on the left (in this case, US dollar) is known as the “base currency” and always equal to 1 unit. Whereas the one on the right (in this case, Japanese Yen) is called the quote or counter currency. A quote is how much worth one unit of the base currency. Hence this particular quote means that USD 1 can purchase 100.00 Japanses Yen. The videos explain this in more detail.

Pip: Stands for “percentage in point” which is the smallest increment of trade in Forex. Prices in Forex market are always quoted to the fourth decimal place. Except Japanese Yen; e.g. when EUR/USD rises from 1.5200 to 1.5201, it rises by 1 pip. For Japanese Yen, 1 pip is equivalent to 0.01 (two decimal places). Most pairs trade between 100 – 150 pips daily. The videos explain this in more detail.

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Bid / Ask: In Forex, to bid means “to buy” whereas “to ask” means “to sell”. The quote on the left is the bid (buy) price. While the quote on the right is the ask (sell) price. And the bidding price is always lower than the asking price. The base currency would be the one in which the transaction would be conducted.The videos explain this in more detail.

Let’s look at the example. EUR/USD 1.2600/02. To sell this pair means to sell the base, i.e. the EURO. The market would buy your 1 EURO base with 1.2600 USD. On the contrary, to buy 1 EURO, you need 1.2602 Japanese Yen. The videos go through this in more detail.

City forex training videos aim for understanding and clarity so here are a couple more terms explained.

Spread: Is the difference between the ask price and the bid price. Using the same example as above, the spread was 2 pips. Which you automatically pay to your broker at every trade.

Margin: The minimum amount of money required to place a trade with a broker. You can trade as long as your account has this minimum amount. Otherwise your accounts would be closed down.

Understanding these forex terminologies will definitely boost your understanding in trading. And enable you to discuss your trade with other traders without sounding like a total novice!

Make use of city forex training news site that offer video feeds.

<< >> Many of these forex news sites offer city forex training videos, commentary and analysis on the latest news developments. And are invaluable for making trading decisions.

Here you’ll find expert traders on different videos talking about the news issues involved. And how it would affect a particular currency. They will often offer insights beyond what you would have come up with by your own thinking.

Some news sites on forex matters charge an enrollment fee for access to the different videos 24/7. But the charges are not excessive.

There are so many factors that can effect a currency’s strength.

Natural calamities, government decisions and other many other things. Both foreseen and not foreseen. These can cause the currency you are trading in to go up or down in relative value. An experienced trader will follow news channels as a training tool. Because they will then know how to predict the FX movement.

As you engage in city forex training videos you have to understand that any economic news at all can affect the fx market. And a quick witted trader is always aware of news that might impact their trading.

In other words, a well trained fx trader will have be an expert on interpreting world events. As well as understanding political and social movements around the world.

Specific city forex training videos gives you the information you need to be successful at Forex trading.

City forex training videos.

Being a forex trader: Is it for you?

City forex training videos are required because being a forex trader is not for the faint of heart. The foreign exchange market is a fast-paced world that operates 24 hours a day, 5 and a half days a week. For some traders, fortunes are made and lost very quickly. Yet for someone with the right know-how and enough motivation and drive, forex trading can be rewarding both personally and financially.

City forex training videos will give you the edge.

How many people make their living as forex traders? It’s hard to say for sure, but we know the number is smaller than the number of stock traders. Most forex traders are actually international banks and other huge corporations; private citizens comprise only about 2 percent of the entire forex market.

Nonetheless, they are out there, and the number is growing.

As the Internet and other technological advancements make it more accessible. The forex market becomes more manageable and more average citizens become traders and that’s why city forex training videos are invaluable.

To begin with, most of these “day traders” keep their regular jobs and do forex as a side project. It’s notoriously difficult to make a living as a forex trader at the start, and most new investors find they must allow for the learning curve before they’re really ready to do it full-time.

Once a new trader gets the hang of city forex training buying and selling currencies with some degree of confidence and turning a profit. They may find that they can quit their day job and focus on trading full-time. There is certainly enough activity to fill a forex trader’s day. With news that could affect currency rates coming in almost constantly. A smart trader watches this information continually, almost obsessively. Always on the watch for a sign that the time is right to buy or sell.

City forex training videos are a great way to learn.

Because with home computers and high-speed Internet service available nearly everywhere, being a trader from home has become feasible.

Some traders eventually become brokers, but the excitement — and the potential profit — lies in working for yourself. With a stock market, a bad day could mean disaster. But with the forex market, a bad day for one nation’s economy hardly matters, since there are still a dozen more strong, viable currencies to be traded and city forex training shows this to be the case.

In that way, some consider being a forex trader slightly more stable than being a stock broker.

Either way, there is always risk when money and speculation are involved, but with dedication and resourcefulness, you can make a handsome living as a forex trader.

This is why time and money invested in city forex training videos is a sound investment however you look at it!



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