Forex Trading Tools For Successful Trades

Forex trading tools come in all formats from text to mobile video and seminars.

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However the format is not the most important thing. The thing that counts is whether it does the job you want it to do. The other aspect of the medium is of course the cost.

The humble ebook tends to be the less expensive with audio and video being that bit more expensive. Of course the actual investment doesn’t really matter. Provided the return you get far outweighs what you have put at risk.

If you have invested say $10 in a Forex ebook and you get one idea that makes you a $1000, it was worth the money, wasn’t it.

Conversely, if you spend $6000 on a seminar that gives you plenty of hype and psychological boosting but in the cold light of day doesn’t increase your trading profit, it is money down the drain.

Forex trading tools should do what you want them to do.

<< >> They should help you to understand forex.

To help you trade more effectively and to help you make more money.

It is so easy to chase the present highly promoted ‘shiny object’ that promises you untold Forex riches.

And there are not many who have resisted the well crafted sales page.

Lots of us have bought at least one of the Forex trading tools or information products. Only to find it fell into the C.R.A.P. category. (Cannot Recommend A Purchase).

To help our visitors. We have put together some Forex trading tools and resources in their categories.

Just click the hyperlink to visit the page.

Ebooks 0n Forex

Forex Audio and Video

Forex Seminars

Other Forex Tools

Lots of Forex trading tools and resources are marketed heavily by large powerful companies. On this site, if a product is listed it doesn’t necessarily mean that we endorse it or have used it. If we own any we will say and recommend if we are happy with it.

We always say to do your own research with any tool to make sure it is a tool that you need. And that you only buy Forex trading tools that will help you make money. Free tools are sometimes available here.

When it comes to smart investing in FX markets. All world news is a forex trading tool.

<< >> One of the main advantages for Forex traders.

Is knowing that the currency market is open twenty fours hours a day, on each trading day.

And of course news happens twenty four hours a day worldwide.

Consequently any turn of event could affect your currency trading.

This means that there is news coming in constantly, that may lose or make money for you.

In today’s FMP Forex Trading tools what I want to talk with you about, is following a set of rules. There are a lot of ways to make money as a forex trader. But you MUST have a plan that is profitable and you MUST follow that plan every single day.

Today we look at a couple of trades and talk a lot about sticking to your plan.

The well informed trader is often a successful trader because they make informed decisions. On when to buy and sell currencies, according to the news they follow. Many internet sites make it easier for you in a particular currency. Because they will collect the news pertaining to that particular currency into one place.

A forex trader, whether new or experienced, should find these news sources to use as forex trading tools.



25 thoughts on “Forex Trading Tools For Successful Trades

  1. Charles Miles says:

    Most people say things without any basis, and I can confirm that you are no charlatan. Having met you in person, and been with you for almost two years. You teach REAL strategies, techniques, and psychology to become a REAL trader. I am about to trade as a business and my back testing work for my trade plan is HOURS upon HOURS well spent; proving to me me your help, and my hard work will pay off. None of which would have happened without you. “THUMBS DOWN” to the haters!

  2. MegaIcon77 says:

    @Gabriel ..have you heard of sam sieden.. enuff said.. everything stems from sup / dem in any financial market..period..if you deny that..then yr the one who is clueless.. ratio trading is good too..I respect what jason does n his method.. but even what he does also lines up with sup n dem levels..just another method that’s all..I have spent lots of money in bs method that have me entering way after the move has taken off..hence giving me high risk low reward trades..

  3. Jason Stapleton says:

    Yes, I’m sorry I did not understand what you were saying. My apologies.

  4. I’m sorry for people who aren’t capable of handling themselves with dignity and respect. On a better note, I am starting to be able to see some of the patterns thanks to your videos. I plan on joining in on the Technical Trader Workshop.

  5. Lorwai Tan says:

    Hey Jason
    Your info is great education and free!
    The detractors are just frustrated at their own lack of success and looking for a scapegoat.
    Ignore, press on and scoop up them pips!

  6. You and Akil do great work and are clearly doing it to help people so big up’s to you,

    Pffft!!, ignore the naysayers… if they don’t like it they can simply not watch, no-one will miss them..
    I don’t know what the key to happiness is, but the road to failure is trying to please everyone…

    99.9% of us enjoy and appreciate your efforts so keep it up…

  7. Hi Jason. Just ignore those negative comments and I myself really appreciate your weekly videos, they are very informative. I learned somewhat how the way you trade. Anyway, I have a question, where can I learn those “cypher or gartley” pattern?

  8. nharper1968 says:

    Jason, been watching for a couple of years and wanted to say thank you, great channel

  9. Jatinder Singh says:

    I think you are doing a fantastic job by putting out these video’s. I like your attitude to ignore a few which don’t even affect, keep up the good work and if possible go slow and give more details for beginners. I know time is a constraint for you but I am sure you can make some room for new traders. Thanks.

  10. Anthony Beltran says:

    What do you think about everything that is happening in Syria? And possibly the “False Flag” claim?

  11. Jason Stapleton says:

    I think it has no relevance on what trades I decide to take.

  12. Anthony Beltran says:

    Sorry I guess I should of added on. In general what do you think about it?

  13. Jesteminny1726 says:

    Jason, do you think harmonic patterns work because entry point of each pattern is based on support and resistance?

  14. Kervin YTB says:

    Jason, my question is do you risk per trade you make the famous “2%” or do you have another rule for your trades such as 1:1 leveraging every trade, or something else?

  15. I am not sure how to recognize patterns and where to enter and exit. Especially concerning the different types: cyphers, bat, crab, etc. The number concerning fibs that distinguish the differences. any help would be awesome!

  16. Jason Stapleton says:

    We have a great course we offer twice a year that will teach you everything. The next one starts in October. Watch for the Technical Trader Workshop coming in a few weeks. That’s a great place to start.

  17. Jason its good that you take your free time to educate people about trading this fantastic market. You have to understand some people won’t appreciate what you do. Its only people who want to learn the Forex market that would appreciate what you do.. Keep on going..I think just watching one of your video, I have learnt something that would apply to my trades.. Thanks

  18. xavier xz says:

    Ty so much for your generous sharing.. i really wanted to ty. Ignore the negative comments. We cant please everyone ya?

    -loves from Singapore.

  19. Fiona Bowden says:

    You seem like a genuine down to earth guy who i want to listen to

  20. Beta-Testers Wanted Free Forex Software Click Here says:

    Very nice education video. Thanks

  21. Glen Morgan says:

    Agree, all we watch for is up or down direction in the market – what causes that move is irrelevant.

  22. Martin OneTwoTrade says:

    This is a good video but for me Smart Options are the best platform to be trading as it offers less risk with more reward. You can turn $1,000 into $5,000 in just 3 trades — with min 75% – 85% profits. I’m a personal Account Manager who has helped hundreds of clients grow their account into a sustainable monthly/yearly income. If you want to know more on how I do it contact me via Email: martin@onetwotrade(.com) –please remove the brackets. Instagram: MartinOne2Trade Twitter: @MartinOne2Trade

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